Aug 15, 2012

31 Days Challenge - Day 14: Flowers!

Flores... eu não sei desenhar flores nem no papel quanto mais na unha, mas eu tentei! E sinceramente, ADOREI o resultado final. De longe parecem pequenas rosas, engana mesmo, porque de perto, bleh. Inspirei-me numa das minhas camisas favoritas e saiu isto, do mais bonito que já fiz (sim, só comecei a fazer nail art por causa deste desafio!). Os vernizes que utilizei estão embaixo :)

Flowers... I don't even know how to draw them in the paper, imagine on my nails... but I tried! And honestly, I LOVED the final result. From a distance my nails look like little roses, but closely, bleh. I inspired myself in one of my favorite shirts and I swear this is the most beautiful nail art I've ever done (yeah, I only started to do nail art because of this challenge!). The nail polishes I used are down below :)

Espero que tenham gostado, amanhã unhas delicadas :)
Hope you liked it, tomorrow delicate nails :)


  1. These turned out really great! I love that blue base you put them on!

    1. The blue base is very pretty indeed; thank you! :D

  2. when we meet please bring your lacquers with you. you will do this nail art for me. thanks :)